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ARCH DAEVA - Kia - Escaping The Pain Of Creation [Nomos Dei] CD 250 руб. / 8 euro

BAAL ZEBUTH - Necromysticism - Into The Chasm Of Hell [Nomos Dei] Special edition CD 350 руб. / 10 euro

BLACK GOAT - Opus Diaboli [Nomos Dei] Tape 166 руб. / 4 euro

BLACK MASS RITUAL / BEYOND YE GRAVE - Grave Ritual [Nomos Dei] Split CD 250 руб. / 8 euro

BLACK PLAGUE compilation [Nomos Dei] A5 CD 250 руб. / 8 euro

CYBER BAPHOMET - Directory human Delete [Nomos Dei] CD 250 руб. / 8 euro

DEADFALL - Antichristmass [BeBlessedTheCursed] Tape 120 руб. / 3 euro

DEATHMOOR - Mors... Sub Specie Aeterni [Nomos Dei] CD 250 руб. / 8 euro

FADING SUN / DSOLTB - Shift Off The Shells [BeBlessedTheCursed] Split tape 120 руб. / 3 euro

GRAVE DISGRACE - Grave Disgrace [Nomos Dei] Digi CD 350 руб. / 10 euro

INCONCESSUS LUX LUCIS - Severed From Sephiroth [Nomos Dei] MCD 200 руб. / 6 euro

INCONCESSUS LUX LUCIS - Disintegration: Psalms Of Veneration For The Nefarious Elite [Nomos Dei] CD 300 руб. / 10 euro

KARNA / VELEHENTOR - Era Of Cold Hearts / The Asha Blaze - 7 Minutes Later [Nomos Dei] Split CD in superjewel box 350 руб. / 10 euro

KHNUTH - За Порогом Видений [Nomos Dei] CD 250 руб. / 8 euro

KRUMKACH - Чорныя Мроi Нянавiсьцi [Nomos Dei] MCD 200 руб. / 6 euro

KULTO MALDITO - Jodete Jesus [Nomos Dei] A5 digi CD 450 руб. / 12 euro

MHONOS - Decembris Penitentia [Nomos Dei] Digi CD 350 руб. / 10 euro

MISANTHROPIC ART - Necrohumanity - World Self Finalizing [Nomos Dei] CD 250 руб. / 8 euro

MISANTHROPIC ART - Black Spring [Nomos Dei] Digi CD 350 руб. / 10 euro

NUCLEAR HAMMER - Frozen Misery [Nomos Dei] MCD 200 руб. / 6 euro

PHURPA - Trowo Phurnag Ceremony [Mantra Spenta] CD 300 руб. / 10 euro

RITUAL SUICIDE - Temple of Blood [Nomos Dei] CD 250 руб. / 8 euro

SEKTARISM - Le Son Des Stigmates [BeBlessedTheCursed] Pro tape 166 руб. / 4 euro

TANVARPMENKV - Goatizm [Nomos Dei] CD 300 руб. / 10 euro

TENEBRIOUS TRIUMVIRATE [Nomos Dei] Special edition split CD 350 руб. / 10 euro

THE MOON MISTRESS - Silent Voice Inside [Nomos Dei] Tape with poster 166 руб. / 4 euro

THOU SHALT FALL - Perverted Visions Of Satan / The Fall. The Faith. The Foundation [BeBlessedTheCursed] Tape 120 руб. / 3 euro, only 2 last copies!

THOU SHALT FALL - Flaming God [BeBlessedTheCursed] Tape 120 руб. / 3 euro, only 2 last copies!

THOU SHALT FALL - Flaming God [Nomos Dei] CD 250 руб. / 8 euro

THOU SHALT FALL - Rejoice And Laugh, Doomed To Be Sacrificed [Nomos Dei] A5 digi CD 350 руб. / 10 euro

NEW VOMIT ORCHESTRA - Eptirconvellere [Nomos Dei] gigibook 300 руб. / 10 euro

VULTURINE - Ossos... Odio & Angustia [Nomos Dei] CD 250 руб. / 8 euro

VULTURINE - We Worship Your Death [Nomos Dei] Digi CD 350 руб. / 10 euro

VULTURINE - A Mais Escura Noite [Nomos Dei] Special edition CD 350 руб. / 10 euro

VULTURINE / TRONO - Antigos Ritos Da Neblina E Da Lua Cheia [Nomos Dei] A5 digi CD 350 руб. / 10 euro

К СВЕТУ ТЬМЫ (AD LUX TENEBRAE) - За Горизонтом Времени [BeBlessedTheCursed] Tape 120 руб. / 3 euro, last copies!

WORDS ov NONEXISTENCE zine #4 - Timeless Reign Of Death [BeBlessedTheCursed] Interviews with Death Ritual (tur), Disjecta Membrae (fra), Innsmouth (aus), Ithdabquth Qliphoth (krywia), Kaosritual (nor), Lord Of Doubts (rus), Mors Aeterna (fra), Pek (bel), Pure Evil (fin), Vasaeleth (usa), Verge (fin) + few translated&adapted interviews from first two issues of Words ov Nonexistence zine + Shades ov Summer fest brief report, in english 120 руб. / 3 euro, last copies!

WORDS ov NONEXISTENCE zine #5 - We Are His Thrones [BeBlessedTheCursed] Interviews with BESTIAL RAIDS, MANDIBULA, TORMENTED WHORES OF DA'ATH rec., GROTESQUE COMMUNION, NEFTARAKA, SEKTARISM and NOMOS DEI prod., in english 120 руб. / 3 euro




CD – 250 руб. / 6 euro, MCD – 200 руб. / 5 euro, Digi CD  – 300 руб. / 8 euro (except specially specified)


666 - Ave Satan [Possession]

Abruptum - Apotestates Apocalypsis [Blood dawn] Last album, power electronic, military martial noise, death ambient. Digi CD 10 euro / 400 руб.

Acrimonious - Perdition Gospel [Slava] MCD

Actum Inferni - The Embodiment Of Death [Societas Oculorum Arcanorum]

Ahnenerbe - Virl [Plutons Rising] Digi CD

Akerbeltz- Infernuko Erreka [Oniric]

Aspectee - Morben [First Falling Star] Drone Ambient. Digi CD

Alienation Cold - Nothing, Nobody, Never [Stavropol Nekrodivizion] Digi CD in slipcase

Al-Namrood - Atba'a Al-Namrood [Shaytan] MCD

Al-Namrood - Astfhl Al Tha'r [Shaytan] MCD

Anubi - Gods Pantheon [Odium] Avantgarde Black funeral Doom, demo from 1993. Digi CD, rare

Apocalypse Command - Apocalypse Command [Gospel Of Death] MCD

Atra - Of Demise, Evil And Necromancy [Adverse Order] 8 euro / 300 руб.

Atra - In Reverence Of Decay [Adverse Order] 8 euro / 300 руб.

Atra - Upturning The Curse [Adverse Order] 8 euro / 300 руб.

Arch Daeva - Illuminates Of Thanateros [selfreleased] Great band, strongly recommended. CDR 5 euro / 200 руб.

Arcanum Tenebrae - Odium In Homines [Drakkar] Stufff in old good LLN style

Ars Manifestia - The Red Behind [Black Seed]

Ars Sacra - Архитектор Страданий [Ridge Ov Dragon] Band with Odor Mortis members

Amnion - Cryptic Wanderings [Oniric]

Ancient - Eerily Howling Winds [Sleaszy Rider]

Aphoom Zhah - Symbol Of New Aeon [Possession] Really strong album with cold atmosphere and some Thrash metal touchings

Arvas - Blessed From Below [Odium Art] Old norwegian band in classic BM style

Amnis Nihili - Christological Escalation [Avantgarde] BM in DsO way, really interesting material, Digi CD

Anal Vomit - Gathering Of The Putrid Demons [Black Seed]

Antediluvian - Watchers Reign [Invictus] 8 euro / 300 руб.

Aorlhac / Darkenhold / Ossuaire / Ysengrin - A Tribute To The Dark Ages [Till You Fukking Bleed / De Profundis / Ancestrale] Dark medieval metal split with a lot of acoustic medieval interludes

Autarcie - S.I.D.A. [Dernier Bastion] Cool stuff with old Peste Noire style feeling, recommended 8 euro / 300 руб.

Avsky - Mass Destruction [Humanity Plague]

Baal Zebuth - Unholy Baal Zebuth [Wolfram] First album of this dead cult

Beleth - Nieuchronne Widmo Smierci [Hail Satan]

Bestial Raids - Reversed Black Trinity [Morbid Moon] Strong Black/Death metal, recommended!

Beyond Ye Grave - Raping The Creation Of God [Cold Breath Of Silence] Sold out first full length album

Beyond Ye Grave / Doomguard [Cold Breath Of Silence] Split CD

Black Autumn - The Advent October [Bylec Tum] MCD

Black Crucifixion - Faustian Dream [Paragon]

Blackdeath - Fucking Fullmoon Foundation [ISO666] Classic album of this oldest Russian BM bands. Rare 16,6 euro / 666 руб.

Black Hole Generator - Black Karma [Ars Magna] Industrial BM in Aborym style, rare! 10 euro / 350 руб.

Black Silence / Paroxysmal Descent - Into The Light Depths / The Suffering Within [Ruin]

Bloody Sign - Chaos Echoes [Blood Harvest] Occult chaotic Death metal

Blut Aus Nord - Mort [Candle Light] CD in slipcase 10 euro / 350 руб.

Bunkur - Nullify [Displeased] Total sick album in old Abruptum style. 1 song for 77 minutes. Amazing artwork. Recommended 8 euro / 300 руб.

Burial Hordes - War, Revenge And Total Annihilation [Pulverised] Amazing brutal and intensive Black metal in canonic way with members of Enshadowed. Digi CD with booklet on special paper

Burial Hordes - Devotion To Unholy Creed [Pulverised] Digi CD

Buxen / Aifur / Mordhell [Kampf] Split CD. Occult BM vs nihilistic Death metal vs Necrobdsm BM

Catacombs - Echoes Through The Catacombs [Solitude] Cult funeral Doom

Celestia - Dead Insecta Sequestration [Agonia]

Chasm Haze - Oxex Ser Nobloh [Tachibana] Dark ambient, Ierofania member, limited CDR in A5 cover 3 euro / 120 руб.

Christinvertion - Embodiment Of Goat Blasphemy / Hail Desecraion [Stavropol Nekrodivizion] A5 Digi CD, limited to 100 copies, sold out from label

Church Of Misanthropy - To Die For Satan [Pure Underground]

Cold Body Radiation - Great White Emptiness [Dusktone] Digi CD

Conjuration - Funeral Of The Living [Bestial Burst] Band with members of Incriminated, Black Rock with touch of Black Sabbath

Conjurator - Erosplattered [Morbid Moon]

Cortisol - 1 2 [Prodisk] Horror sludge

Craft - Total Sould Rape [Unexploded] 8 euro / 300 руб.

Crucifier / Throneum / Sathanas / Bestial Mocery – Deep Grave Dungeons [Time Before Time] 4 songs from each maniaks

Cryfemal - Perpetua Funebre Gloria [Oniric] Necrocatacomb BM

Cryfemal - Apoteosis Oculta [Oniric] Necrocatacomb BM, CD with poster

Clear Stream Temple - XVI [Cold Spring]

Cthulhu Biomechanical - Es Ist Kalt Hier [Hungry Ak-47] Industrial project of Blackdeath members. Rare 16,6 euro / 666  руб.

Cursed Nihil - s/t [Seeds Of The Black Fog] BM in old DsO style. Sold out release from dead label

Cyber Baphomet - s/t [Ridge Ov Dragon]

Dark Ages - Twilight Of Europe [Supernal] Dark ambient project of Roman Saenko (Hate Forest, Drudh, Blood of Kingu)

Dark Fury / White Devils / War - Alliance In Hate [Garazel]

Dark Opus - Ignominious Fundamentals [Battleskrs] Digifile MCD

Darkened Nocturnal Slaughtercult - Nocturnal March [Selfreleased] Rare 16 euro / 650 руб.

Darkenhold - A Passage To The Towers [Ancestrale] BM on medieval themes

Darvulia - L’Alliance Des Venims [Battlesk’rs] 8 euro / 300 руб.

Dawnfall - Drei Kaume [Supernal]

Deathrow - Gateways To Oblivion [Slava Satan]

Deakon - Demo[ns] [Assault] Great chaotic Death/Black metal, sometimes remind Triumph Of Death by Hellhammer, recommendations! Digi CD

Demogorgon - Tenebrae [Headbanger Force]

Demonic Slaughter - Dignity Of Terror [Arma Diaboli]

Demoncy - Enthroned Is The Night [Forever Plagued] Digisleeve

Denial Of God - The Horrors Of Satan [Pestis Insaniae]

Dense Vision Shrine - Time Lost In Oblivion [First Fallen Star] Northern ambient visions and landscapes, side project of Penitent, CD + DVD

Dense Vision Shrine - Through The Eyes Of A Stranger [First Fallen Star] CD + DVD

Devil’s Island - s/t [Pluton’s Rising] Digi CD

Diamatregon - Satanic Devotion [Monokrom]

Diapsiquir - A.N.T.I.[Necrocosm]

Dodsfall - Den Svarte Skogen [Obscure Abhorrence]

Doombringer - Ancient Abominations [Societas Oculorum Arcanorum] Side project of Bestial Raids / Cultes des Ghoules members. Recommendations! Digi CD

Dog - 666 [412 recordings] Black industrial in MZ.412 style on Nordvargr’s label. 3”CDR in DVD box with insert. 7 euro / 280 руб.

Dolentia / Tumulum - Da Terra Que Comungamos [Discipline]

Draugen - Among The Lonely Shades [Ancestrale]

Draugurinn - Myrkraverk [Le Crépuscule Du Soir] Great shamanic ambient, amazing artwork 8,5 euro / 350 руб.

Drowning The Light - An Alignment Of Dead Stars [Avantgarde] Featuring Nazxul members, LLN like style

DSOLTB - Deep Oceans And Dark Spirits Of Water [selfreleased] Deep ambient/drone, last copies, CDR 4 euro / 150 руб.

DSOLTB - Death. Into The God [selfreleased] Religious rhythmic industrial, last copies, CDR 4 euro / 150 руб.

Eibon - s/t [Aesthetic Death] Very original and atmospheric, recommended. Digi MCD 7 euro / 280 руб.

Eibon - Entering Darkness [Aesthetic Death] Very original and atmospheric, recommended. Digi CD

Epidemia Mortaliis - When The Epidemic Arrived… / Worst Afflicted Rapture [Legion Blotan]

Ereth - Solus Ipse Sum [Опричь]

Eternity - Funeral Mass [Avantgarde] Strong BM, recommended!

Ethereal, The - From Funeral Skies [Marsh Funebre] Funeral Doom or maybe better to say “Qliphothic Speed Metal”. CD in slipcase, special paper 7 euro / 280 руб.

Ekove Efrits - Suicidal Rebirth [Possession]

Faustcoven - The Priest’s Command [Garazel]

Flegethon - Behind A Side Of Times [Marsh Funebre] Lovecraftian funeral Doom. CD in slipcase

Flame Of War - Europa. The Spirit Among The Ruins [Undercthe Sign Of Garazel]

Fogland - Znaman [Radical Conflict] Folk acoustic with some metal parts, CDR 4 euro / 150 руб.

Forgot - Sic Luceat Lux [Оприч] Black Wolves Far East Division, CD in super jewelcase

Front Beast - Black Spells Of The Damned [Isengard]

Furva Ambiguitas - In Articulo Mortis [Possession] Black funeral Doom with great female vocal

Furva Ambiguitas - Sacer [Possession] Black funeral Doom with great and absolutely morbid female vocal

Emme Ya - Atavictic Dreams & Phalic Totems [Cold Spring] Colombian artist and magician working in several projects, focusing on magical elements as principal basis. Dark occult ambient in Endvra style.

Evilhorse - Cabeza De Vaca [Le Crépuscule Du Soir] In the vein of old Katatonia albums

Exetheris / Goatphallus - Obliteration. Conquest. Crucifix [Sabbathid]

Goatpsalm - Sonic Desterilization Of Light [Assault] Great project with Sickrites, Karna, Misanthropic Art, SS-18 members, cover drawing by Musta Aurinco, total recommendations! 3 panel digi CD with booklet

Graveland - Necromanteion [Forever Plagued] First and the best record in the history of the band

Graveland - Drunemeton [Forever Plagued]

Graveland - In The Glare Of Burning Churches [Forever Plagued]

Graveland - The Celtic Winter [Forever Plagued]

Graveyard - One With The Dead [Blackseed] Oldschool Death metal, digi CD

Hamnskiftev - Fodzlepijnan [Myrkr] Instrumental medieval folk / blackened Doom. Digi CD.

Havohej - Dethrone The Son Of God [Hells Headbangers] Total Fucking Cult! 10 euro / 400 руб.

Heavy Lord - Holy Grail [Solitude] Stoner/Doom/Sludge metal

Heavy Lord - Chained To The World [Solitude] Stoner/Doom/Sludge metal

Heretic - Gods Over Humans, Slaves Under Satan [Kneel Before The Master’s Throne] Fvkkking great Black Rock album! 10 euro / 400 руб.

Hellacaust - Inevifable Dementia [Morbid Moon] Fast and brutal Death/Black metal in canadian style

Hierophant - The Tome [Solitude] Another project of  X.Mlandroth (Catacombs), CD contains all material of Hierophant from 1994, 1996 and 2000. Massive and great. “Doom is something to be experienced, not just listened to…” © 66:59 play time! 8 euro / 300 руб.

High Priest Of Saturn - The Protean Towers Crawling King Snake [selfreleased] Occult rock/psychedelia, recommended ( CDR 6 euro / 240 руб.

Hipoxia - Hipoxia [Le Crépuscule Du Soir]

Horologium - Le Cartoline Perse [Blade] 8 euro / 300 руб.

Holy Death - Sodomy Of Megido [Fallen Angel] Slow and macabre oldschool Death metal

Holocaustia - The Sacrament Seed [Unholy Horde] MCD

HSN - The Eye [Selfreleased] MCD

Huldrefolk - Eeuwenhout [Slava Satan] The band dubs their style "Medieval Trollish Pestkult"

Ill Omen - Spear Of Salvation [Total Holocaust]

Incriminated - Hypocricide [Primitive Reaction] MCD

Incursus - Eternal Funeral Trance [Forever Plagued] Digi CD

Infuneral - Torn From The Abyss [Blackcrowned] Black/white cover, corpspaint, raw brutal sound with classic and epic melodies, remind first part of 90th

Innfallen - Three Days Of Darkness [First Fallen Star] A5 digi CD

Ithdabquth Qliphoth - Fyre Walk With Me [T.S.K!] Digi CD

Ithdabquth Qliphoth - Funeral Spirit Of Holy, Holy And Holy Transformation [Tormented Whores Of Da’ath / Res Adversae] MCD

Jotunspor - Gleipnirs Smeder [Satanas Rex] Digi CD

Karna - Круг Нави (Circle Of Nav’) [Assault] One of the best recording of this dead project

Kaldur - Triumph Of Apocalypses [selfreleased] Excellent material in LLN, Moondlood and even old DsO stuff style, mini album, artwork by dead Kronum, CDR, but really cool quality. Limited to 86 copies 4 euro / 150 руб.

Karsten Hamre - Broken Whispers [Flood The Earth]

Karsten Hamre & Vlad Jecan - Enter Inside [Wroth Emitter]

Klandestyn - Wounds Bleeding Black [Assault]

Kozeljnik - Deeper The Fall [Paragon]

Kraken Duumvirate - From The Dying Soil To The Eternal Sea [Ahdistuksen Aihio]

Kruk - Drowned In A SwampHeart Of Europe [Possession] Digi CD 8,5 euro / 350 руб.

Kshatriy - Slepok Soznaniya [Muzyka Voln] Digi CD

Last Twilight, The / Profundis Tenebrarum - Hell Bestial Conjuration [Final Embrace]

Last Twilight, The - Eternal Tribulation [Nekrogoat Heresy]

Lamia Vox - …Introductio [Der Angriff] Female dark ambient, digi CD

Lashblood - Philosophy of Self-Flagellation: Being and Nothing [daemon worship] New project from Stavropol Necrodivizion with SS-18, Deathmoor, etc. members 9 euro / 300 руб.

Legacy Of Blood - Infernal Cult Of Blood [Garazel]

Legacy Of Blood - Murder Hymn [Garazel]

Lindisfarne - Vatican Bitches [horned tomb] 2 last copies

Lindisfarne - Nameless [horned tomb] GXFFF (Baal Zebuth, SS-18, Deathmoor ect.) on drums. Last copies

Lord Of Doubts - s/t [Sekt Ov Gnozis] Excellent old school occult Doom in Electric Wizard style, sold out from label, last copies!

Lord Of Doubts - The Gates Of Doom [Sekt Ov Gnozis] Mini album of old school worshippers, 6 panel digi CD. Recommendations!

Lost Life - Wrecked Human Deathcult [Pestilence]

Lyrinx / Elysian Blaze / D.O.R. - Universal Absence [Insidious Poisoning]

Machinefabriek - Veldwerk [Cold Spring] Digi CD

Maleficum Orgia - s/t [Insidious Poisoning] More than an hour of bestial and brutal  Black/Death metal, recommended!

Mayhem - Last Breath (last recording with Dead) [Northern Twilight] Rare! Digi CD 8,5 euro / 350 руб.

Meads of Asphodel, The - The Early Years [Godreah] Recommended!

Melek-Tha - Apokalypsia [Necrocosm] One of the best records of Melek-Tha

Merlot - Insipid Emaciation [Barbarian]

Merrimack - Ashes Of Purification [Nightmare]

Mhonos - Humiliati [Le Crépuscule Du Soir] Maybe the best Ritual Doom metal album on date. Absolutely Great band. A must блять. 8,5 euro / 350 руб.

Misery - Circles Of Live [Operator Produkzion] One of the oldest russian dark ambient projects. CDR 4 euro / 150 руб.

Moon Mistress, The / Snakerider - Obsessed By Cursed Wastelands [Pestis Insaniae] Classic oldschool Doom!

Mother Of Worms - The Dirty Arts [Assault]

Morbid Lust - In Death You Will Dwell [T.S.K!] Kult Russian Death metal from the beginning of 90th, nekrorecommended! Digi CD

Moriar - Burn The Reign Of Light [Fog Of The Apocalypse]

Mortifera - s/t [Dying Art]

Mortuary Drape - Into The Drape / All The Witches Dance [Azermedoth Records] Total fucking nekrorecommended!

Murkrat - Drudging The Mire [Aesthetic Death] Great Doom metal, recommended

Myhrding - s/t [Unexploded]

MZ.412 - Burning The Temple Of God [Cold Spring] Re-edition, digi CD

MZ.412 - Nordik Battle Signs [Cold Spring] Re-edition, digi CD

MZ.412 - Domine Rex Infernum [Cold Spring] Re-edition, digi CD

Nebelwerfer - The Spirit Of Violation [The Howl]

Nebelwerfer - The Aeon Of Filth [Assault] Amazing drawing by Yag Mort. Digi CD with booklet

Necros - Procession of Heretics [Gospel Of Death] MCD

Nephilim / Klandestyn [Hexenhammer] Split CD

Necransatasis / Grimorio - As It Was Written It Shall Be Done… Gloriam Sathanas [Apocalyptic]

Niezgal - Aposnimi Krokami Lutasci [T.S.K.!] Digifile

Necros - Procession Of Heretics [Gospel Of Death] Motherfucking totalraping Death fucking metal just fuck you up. Only for old style fuckers. Necrofucking recommendations. Label description – “Great French Dark Death Metal following the path of Sadistic Intent and Incantation. Keeping the Flame of Eternal Death Burning… Great Artwork signed Daniel Desecrator”. MCD 6 euro / 250 руб.

Necrostorm - The Forgotten [Seeds Of The Black Fog] Improvised BM, lim. to 333 copies

Nekroholocaust - In Memories Of Fire [Mercenary] Black/Death in style of Profanatica, Blashpemy, Beherit. Recommended

Nekronoiz - Ayn Soph [Poisonous Sun]

Necrostench - Abyss Falling Cross [T.S.K! Nekrokult Series] True Death metal from 1995, digi CD, Necrorecommended!

Necrovation - Breed Deadness Blood [Blood Harvest] Death metal!

(The True) Nihilist - The Ancient Forest… [Ridge Ov Dragon]

Nekrokaos - Chaos II [Insidious Poisoning]

Nekrokrist SS - Suicide [Primitive Reactions]

Nex - Zero [Deathgasm] Doom metal of Tore Stjerna (Chaos Omen, ex-Katharsis, ex-Necromorbus, ex-Corpus Christii, ex-Funeral Mist and others). Also you can find on this CD Darkthrone’s original cover - Over fjell og gjennom torner!

Nightbringer - Apocalypse Sun [Avantgarde] Total recommendations!

Nightbringer - Death And The Black Work [Forever Plagued] Double digi CD 12 euro / 450 руб.

Nihasa - Brahamanda Xul Grimoire [Nihilward] Digi CD

Nordor - Honoris Causa [Under The Sign Of Garazel] Occult Death/Black, some lyric on Greece, CD in slipcase

Nox Noctis - Искупление [Arma Diaboli]

Nocturnal Amentia / Black Grave - The Last Exhalation Before The End [Slava]

Noluntas - Noluntas Divina [Possession] Project of Voist Angiras (Udumbal, Pragnavit) Cosmic ambient/darkwave. Digi CD

Nunslaughter - Nunslaughter [Unisound] Rare 8 euro / 300 руб.

Noktiis Eterna - Les Larmes Du Tyran [Slava Satan]

Obeisance - Satanic Fuck [Morbid Moon]

Obscure Lupine Quietus - Bathing In The Blood Of The Moon [Ancient Void] Great occult canonic Black Metal with absolutely dark atmosphere. Strong LLN spirits arise from ruins. CD limited to 100 copies, sold out from label (exclusive distribution)

Odem - Rape Your God And Pray For Reprieve [Selfreleased]

Odor Mortis - Coagula [T.S.K.!] 8 euro / 300 руб.

Old Wainds - Religion Of Spiritual Violence [Negative Existence]

Old Wainds - Scalding Coldness [Negative Existence]

Old Wainds - Death. Nord. Kult [Debemur Morti] Digi CD

Ominous Debauch - Tenebrarum Daemonum [selfreleased] CDr. Blackened Death metal, post Kaldur / Grimnorth 3 euro / 120 руб.

One Master - Forsaking A Dead World [selfreleased]

One Master - The Quiet Eye Of Eternity [selfreleased]

Opaque Lucidity - s/t [Bad Mood Man]

Opera IX - Anphisbena [Avantgarde]

Ophidian Forest - Redbad [selfreleased] CD in DVD box, atmospheric Ildjarn worship (

Ophidian Forest - Plains [selfreleased]

Oremus - Popioly [Total Holocaust / Adverse Order] Digi CD, recommended

Ossarivm - Emanation [Caverna Abissmal] Fucking great Death metal, youtube

Pagan - Hate To The Light Of Light [Werewolves] Best record of this band

Pagan - The Last Circle Of The Abyss… To The Coming [Possession]

Pagan - Monument Of Depression [Possession]

Paroxysmal Descent - Paradigm Of Decay [THR]

Pathogen - Blasphemous Communion [Dead Center]

Patria - Gloria Nox Aeterna [Monokrom]

Patria - Sovereign Misanthropy [Monokrom] CD in slipcase with sticker and patch

Penitent - Deserted Dreams [Beyond]

Penitent - Among The Sleepless [Eternal Pride]

Perdition - Antihuman Divinity [Putrid Prophet] Pre Blaze of Perdition band, big booklet on dense cardboard, cover on Cyclone-B

Phurpa - Nag bDud Ceremony [Auarellist] 8 euro / 300 руб.

Plaga - Traby Zaglady / Triumfalny Taniec [Societas Oculorum Arcanorum] Digi CD, mini album, sold out from label, BM in Mgla tradition, recommended 6 euro / 240 руб.

Plaga - Pozeracze Slonc [Societas Oculorum Arcanorum] BM in Mgla tradition, recommended

Plamen - Seeds Ov Hell [Aeon Of Horus] MCD in slipcase, with Devorator and Stroming Darkness members, recommended

Pogost / Azaghal / Decayed - Bringers Of Black Death [Cold Breath Of Silence]

Pogrom 1147 - Black Metal Complete [Old Temple] Original edition in A5 fold-out cardboard cover. Sold-out from label, limited to 1555 copies

Praise The Flame - Profane Cult [Apocalyptic]

Prosatanos / Smoke - In Hate And Blasphemy [Total Death]

Pseudogod / Teitanfyre / Ill Omened / Gehängter Jude - Four Wings Of Blasphemy And Abomination [Sekt Ov Gnozis]

Pseudogod - Deathwomb Catechesis [Kvlt] 10 euro / 400 руб.

Pure Evil - Chapter III: Dedication [Hammer Of Hate]

Purge - Sordid Preludes To Purgatory [Gospel Of Death] First full-length of these french veterans - Killer Death metal featuring members from Merrimack and Ritualization. MCD

Purification Kommando - Nuklear Warfare [Assault]

Pyre - Ravenous Decease [Assaul] Excellent Death metal, CD in special package

Raped God - Turant Ressurection [Sade]

Raven Dark - Autumn Roar [Frost Scald]

Rotting Heaven - Apotheosis Of The Apocalypse [Death Knell]

R.Y.N. - Cosmic Birth [Turgid Animal]

Sathanas - Hex Nefarious [Die Todesrune]

Sathanas - Armies Of Charon [Conquistador]

Satanic Funeral - Night Of The Goat [Non Compos Mentis]

Saturnian Mist / Craetura [Monokrom] Split CD

Satyricon - Rebel Extravaganza [nuclear blast] Rare

Seges Findere / Doomsday Cult - Warmongers Of The Doomsday Cult [Assault]

Sektarism - L’Offrande [Insidious Poisoning] One of the greatest Doom bands ever! Recommendations! 8 euro / 300 руб.

Sektarism - Le Son Des Stigmates [Zanier Zani] Religious Ritual Holy Doom masterpiece! Total fucking recommended, a must. Digi CD 8,5 euro / 350 руб.

Shining - Within Deep Dark Chambers [Osmose] Digi CD

Sick - Satanism. Sickness. Solitude [Possessiom]

Sigillum Diaboli - s/t [selfreleased] One female BM project, featuring Sabledoom from Storming Darkness CDR 4 euro / 150 руб.

Shinjuku Thief - The Scribbler [Cold Spring]

Skon - At The End Of A Journey [Hexencave] Doom/Death metal in the vein of Katatonia

Sol Invictus - Lex talionis [Infinity Fog] Digi CD

Somberlain - Sick Artwork [Mountain]

Spetälsk - Spetälsk [Unexploded]

SS III Industries - Yehnodhon [selfreleased] Rare CDR 4 euro / 150 руб.

SS-18 - Technogen Pandemonium [horned tomb]

SS-18 - Tetraktis [Thou Shalt Kill] Great album, total recommendations! Digi CD

Ssorc - Infidel Eternal [Armageddon]

Styggelse - God Tomorrow [Unexploded]

Taghut - Ejaculate [Primitive Reaction]

Taranis - The Obscurity [Under The Sign Of Garazel] Stuff in old Samael style! Necrorecommended!

Tenhornedbeast - My Horns Are A Flame To Draw Down The Truth [Cold Spring] Ritual dark ambient project of Christopher Walton (ENDVRA) Strongly recommended. Digi CD

Tenhornedbeast - Hunts & Wars [Cold Spring] Ritual dark ambient project of Christopher Walton (ENDVRA) Strongly recommended. Digi CD

Teratism - Pure Unadulterated Hate [Obscure Abhorrence] Upon a Timeless Moon features lyrics/vocals from Dagon (Inquisition), recommended

Terror Organ - The Stalag Symphony [Dragon Flight]

Terrodrown - Colonize And Regulate [Infernal Kommando]

Theodor Bastard - Beloe: Hunting For Fierce Beasts [Twilight] Digi CD

Throneum / Leichengott - Trupi Jad [Societas Oculorum Arcanorum] MCD, limited to 666 copies

Torrent - Between The Stones [No Colours]

Tribe Of Neptune - Gnosis [Razorbleed] BM in Ved Buenes Ende style

Troum - Symballein [Small Voices] 8 euro / 300 руб.

Troum - Objectlessness [Faria] 8 euro / 300 руб.

Turdus Merula - Mentem Recipere [Le Crépuscule Du Soir] Band of  Disa (Draugurinn), BM in Ildjarn and Burzum veins. Recommended. Great shamanic ambient, amazing artwork 8,5 euro / 350 руб.

Turdus Merula - Herbarium [Le Crépuscule Du Soir] Band of  Disa (Draugurinn), BM in Ildjarn and Burzum veins. Recommended. Great shamanic ambient, amazing artwork 8,5 euro / 350 руб.

Twighlight Icon - Serpens Misericordi Nociva [Poisonous Sun]

Ulver - Blood Inside [Jester] 10 euro / 400 руб.

Ulver - 1993/2003: 1st Decade In The Machines [Jester] 10 euro / 400 руб.

Urna - Liber Lelle [Abgvrd] Occult ambient/ritual meditative music with some Endvra influence. Limited CDR, sold out from label 240 руб. / 6 euro

Usurper - Threshold Of The Usurper [Primitive Reaction]

Udumbal - 4 CD box [Possession] 25 euro / 1000 руб.

Uttertomb - Necrocentrism [Apocalyptic] Awesome raw Death metal, sold out from label, strongly recommended!

V/A Muzyka Voln [Muzyka Voln] Drone ambient compilation. Exclusive tracks from Kshatriy, Exit in Grey, Closing The Eternity, Hum, Necropolis, Cisfinitum, Anthesteria, Lunar Abyss Deus Organum, Instant Movie Combination, Bardoseneticcube, Polaris, Remoteband. Digi CD


V/A The 1st Harvest [Assavlt] Karna, Daethtrap, Sect, Soli Diaboli Gloria, Klandestyn, Pogost, Pentsign, Liholesie, Koshuni, Meti Bhuvah, Stielas Storhett, Sickroom, Mor

Vargr - Wehrmacht Satanas [Eternal Pride] Burzum cover included

Velehentor - Dyatlov Pass [Infinity Fog] 3 CD digibox. CD1: Dyatlov Pass, CD2: Man-Pupy-Njer (Velehentor / Ad Lux Tenebrae), CD3: Otorten. Last copy 18 euro / 700 руб.

Verge / Blood Red Fog - Because It Is Wrong [Helvete] Digi CD

Vociferian - Glorificia Bestials [Obskure Sombre / Metalbolic]

Vorkreist - Sigil Whore Christ [Agonia] All stars Death metal band, digi CD with poster 11 euro / 450 руб.

VTTA - On The Vortex Of Chasing The Desired Majesty [Death Knell] Digi CD

Xaosis- Mara I - Czarne Wzgorza [Eastside]

Xaosis- Mara II - Umarle Domy [Eastside]

Zifir - You Must Come With Us [Poem Productions]

Варххорн (Varhhorn) - Лабиринты Тьмы (Labyrinths Of Darkness) [Cold Breath Of Silence]

Волчий Источник (Wolf's Source) - Ремиссия Духа (Remission Of Spirit) [Ridge Ov Dragon] Recorded in Kamyshlov penal colony, where author was serving his eight-year sentence for murder. After his discharge from prison Alexandr started new project called Khnuth. Recommended

До Скону (Do Skonu) - Чрево Первобытной Тьмы [Forever Plagued]

До Скону (Do Skonu) - Cold Streams Of Death [Eastside]

К Свету Тьмы (Ad Lux Tenebre) - Зов Предков [Vegvisir] Shamanic ritual drone. Strongly recommended. Digi CD

Лихолесье (Liholesie) - Беспредельная Жажда Иного [Assavlt] Maybe the best Slavonic folk ambient

Лихолесье / Мор / Stielas Storhett - Death Comes From The North [Assault] Digi CD

Навь (Nav’) - Волчье Солнце [Forever Plagued]

Навь (Nav’) - Из Нави В Явь [Assault] Digi CD contain first demo material of this great northern metal in the way of early norwegian 90th. Artwork by genius Musta Aurinko. Sold out from label 9 euro / 350 руб.

Пламень (Plamen') - Солнцу [T.S.K.!] Digibook. no words needed

Псалом666 (Psalm666) - Символ Веры [selfreleased] Digi CD with booklet and poster 8,75 euro / 333 руб.




3 euro / 120 руб. (except specially specified)


VI - De Praestigiis Daemonvm [Fog Of The Apocalypse] BM in Anteus way

Arminius - Piroclastic Siege [Maltkross]

Acherontas - Tat Tvam Asi [Night Birds] 4 euro / 150 руб.

Black Angel / Evil - Infernal Rituals [Suicide Taste / Hexencave]

Black Mass - Hell War [Maltkross]

Black Mass Pervertor - Church Of Apocalyptic Hyperbole [Maltcross]

Blodulv - Diatribe [Осолонь]

Black Autumn - End [Bylec Tum]

Black Autumn - Aurora [Bylec Tum]

Church Of Disgust - Invocation Of Putrid Worship [Filthy Cave] Raw death metal bandcamp

Celestia - Frigidiis Apotheosia [Apparitia]

Charnel Winds - I.I.I. [Saturnian] 4 euro / 150 руб.

Cult Of Erinyes - Golgotha [Caverna Abysmal]

Daemonolith - By Order Of Decimation [Angels Of The Apocalypse] Pro tape

Do Skonu - Womb of Primeval Darkness [Omega]

Doomhammer - Ghouls From Ginnungagap [Maltkross]

Deathmoor - Deathmoor [S.N.D.]

Deathmoor - Mors Ultime Ratio [Wolfram]

Deathmoor - Salvo Honoris Morte [Wolfram]

Deathmoor/Lash - Nausea Of Inner City [Wolfram]

Doomhammer - Ghouls From Ginnungagap [Maltcross] Thrash metal!

Epydemic - Obscure Death [Maltkross]

Extinction Agenda / Oppression [Nihilistic Holocaust] Split tape

Extinguished Temples - Empty Light [Abysmal Sounds] Ambient. Pro tape

Enshadowed / Burial Hordes - The Call / Necromantic [Razorbleed / NoiseGoat] Split

Furva Ambiguitas - Sacer [Infernal Kommando] Black funeral Doom with great and absolutely morbid female vocal. Tape version with two bonus tracks

Frostmoon Eclipse - Gathering The Dark [Darkness Shade] Pro tape

Gronde - Gronde [Impious Desecration] Pro tape

Habsyll - MMVIII [Zanjeer Zani] Pro tape, satanic easy listening, ABSOLUTELY UNHUMAN! Total fucking recommended!

Infest - Onward To Destroy [Terror Blast]

Khaoz - Salvation Through Bloodshed [Infernal Kommando]

Koltum - Funeral Of Flesh [Herege Warfare]

Korium - The Pendulum Of Sorrow [Suicide Taste / Hexencave]

Kozeljnik - Deeper The Fall [Darkness Shade]

Kult ov Azazel - Order of the Fly [Sephiroth]

Lindisfarne - Vatican Bitches

Lugubre - Bloodshedding War Hymns [Hell War]

Madman - Force Of Sound [War]

Mal-Etre - Rituals [Infernal Kommando]

Morbid Spell - Blasphemous Ritual [Deathrash Armageddon] Pro tape

moloch - Чернее Чем Тьма [Осолонь]

Mhonos - Miserere Nostri [Zanier Zani] Just fucking great and amazing Ritual Doom. A must. Necrofucking recommended. Pro tape 4 euro / 150 руб.

Nazxul - Black Seed [Adverse Order] 4 euro / 150 руб.

Nox Inferi - Adverse Spheres [Ruin] BM with Nazxul members. Tape in cardboard slipcase

Necrowitch - Into The Temple Of Nar Matarru [Black Vomit]

Neftaraka - Morts [Eldritch Lunar Miasma] Pro tape

Nox Inferi - Adverse Spheres [Ruin]

Nuclear Magick - Priests Of The Bomb [Iron Boneheads] Just fucking great mix of old fucking school Black/Death/Doom metal. Very inspirited and talented! Total fucking recommended 4 euro / 150 руб.

Necroplasma / Darkness - Pure Necrodarkness [Ordo Obscurin Domini]

Nortt - Ligfaerd [Possession]

Ominous - Death... The Beginning [Impious Desecration] Pro tape

Ormgard - Ormblot [Scythe of Death] 250 руб. / 6 euro

Posmrtna Liturgija - Vama Marg [War]

Pestilentia - Pestilentia [Aeon Of Horus]

Rise Of Malice - Rise Of Malice [War]

Sathanas - Flesh For The Devil [Sabbathid]

Sektarism - L'Offrande [Zanjeer Zani] Pro tape

Sex Blasphemy - Scars Of The Offering [Silver Key] Pro tape

Sick Rites - Praise The Dawn Of Desecration [Deathrash Armageddon] Pro tape

Spitehowling - Born To Die For Evil [Осолонь]

Stone, The - The Fog [Terror Blast]

Samael - Worship Him [Morbid Noizz] Polish pate version from 90th, rare! 5 euro / 200 руб.

Samael - Blood Ritual [Morbid Noizz] Polish pate version from 90th, rare! 5 euro / 200 руб.

Samael - Ceremony Of Opposites [Morbid Noizz] Polish pate version from 90th, rare! 5 euro / 200 руб.

Shadow Ground - Phantom Of Dead Star [Omega] 4 euro / 150 руб.

SS-18 - Satana [S.N.D.]

Terrorama - Crimes Against Humanity [Blazing Obscurity]

Thou Shalt Fall - Shoot Hallelujah [The Throat] Nekrorehearsal recording of some tracks from upcoming EP

Tod - Black Metal Manifesto [Bylec Tum]

Triumphus Mortis - Crepusculo Spirituale [Bylec Tum]

Tumulus Anmatus - Demo MMVII [War]

Vahrzaw - Live at the Gashouse 1995 [Behest zine]

Verwustung - Contra Humanum [Omega]

Wargoat - Hellstrike Of Goatcommando [Acherontas]

War Hammer Command - Slaughter Is My Regime [Arcano Musica]

Xerion - Palida Morte, Negra Sombra [Wolfram]

Ysengrin - T.R.I.A.D.E [Saturnian] Occult hermetic Dark metal. Pro tape




7 euro / 300 руб. (except specially specified)


Amnion - Where the Celestial Flowers Fade [Negra Nit Distro]

Antediluvian / Temple Nightside - Cogitating Vacuous [Nuclear Winter]

Asag - Death Chain [Gravity]

Bael - Neant [Battlesk’rs] Limited to 500 copies! Two tracks of harsh Black metal! The French Nihilistic Horde is back after several years of silence. All that is dead will never die! 8,5 euro / 350 руб.

Cultfinder - Black Thrashing Terror [Eldritch Lunar Miasma] Great Tthrash/Black metal, EP with poster.

Decrepitaph / Humiliation split [Eldritch Lunar Miasma] Death metal split

Enshadowed / Burial Hordes - The Call / Necromantic [Razorbleed] Split

Hrizg - Throne of the Occult [Negra Nit Distro]

Satan’s Almightily Penis - Thy Foulness Cum (Pagan Flames) Cum with poster

Teitanblood - Purging Tongues [NED] 12" EP with inserts 14 euro / 550 руб.

Metastase - Lassitude b/w Décroissance [D'Automne Records] Awesome funeral Doom, strongly recommended!

Motörpenis / Black Torment - United Forces Of Blasphemy [Iron Bonehead] Both hordes rise up from the middle of unholy 90th. A must for fans of FFFucking Thrashing Hell!

Kult / The Stone - The Ancestral Alliance [Slava Satan]

Vasaeleth / Vorum - Profane Limbs Of Ruinous Death [Negative Existence] Death/Black metal masterpiece, insane sound, amazing artwork! Recommended. 7” EP

Volksweerbaarheid - Van Kogels, Drunk En Wrakhout [Carpe Noctem] Excellent apocalyptic martial neofolk. In classic vein of such grand bands like The Moon Lie Hidden Beneath The Cloud, Death In June, Der Blutarch etc. 7” EP, ultra rare 14,88 euro / 600 руб.

V/A Thrash Metal Blitzkrieg [Iron Bonehead / Deathstrike] Featuring Violent Attack, Disaster, Crimson Steel, Crucifier

Velehentor - Ceremonial Death [Vergvisir] Cult project. Ritual ambient. Recommended




Aluk Todolo - Order (The Ajna Offensive) Original band with members of Diamatregon and Vediog Svaor, psychedelic occult BM with some ambient and noise 12 euro / 500 руб.

Animus Mortis / Empty - Invocations From The Innominate Void [Fiery Path] Limited to 500 copies, black vinyl + A2 poster 15 euro / 600 руб.

Ataraxy - Curse Of The Requiem Mass [Me Saco Un Ojo / Detest] Death metal bandcamp 15 euro / 600 руб.

Caldera - Mithra [Avantgarde] 15 euro / 600 руб.

Celestia - Dead Insecta Sequestration [Apparitia] Vinyl re-edition with 7 bonus live tracks from Holland 2002 and poster. Limited to 500 handnumbered copies. LP 16 euro / 650 руб.

Celestia - Frigidiis Apotheosia: Abstinencia Genesiis [Apparitia] 2xLP 18 euro / 750 руб.

Devil’s Blood, The - The Time Of No More Time Evermore (Ván) 2xLP 18 euro / 750 руб.

Doomslaughter - Followers Of The Unholy Cult [Iron Boneheads] Great Death metal with ex-Pestelentia vox. MLP 14 euro / 550 руб.

Empty / Animus Mortis - Invocations From The Innominate Void [Fiery Path]

Genocide Shrines - Devanation Monumentemples [Iron Boneheads] Chaotic Death/Black metal in the best way, total recommendations. Just check this: MLP 14 euro / 550 руб.

Heretic - Black Metal Holocaust (Kneel Before The Master’s Throne) Their music and lyric speak for themselves. Any comments for this masterpiece are useless. Limited to 500 copies (now totally sold out) LP with poster 17 euro / 700 руб.

Leben Ohne Licht Kollektiv / Lilyum / Ordo Blasphemus - Split [Negra Nit Distro]

Paria - Unchain The Unclean [Kneel Before The Master's Throne] 15 euro / 600 руб.

Selvhat - Gjennom Moerket Famlende [Nordkult Rituals] LP 17 euro / 700 руб.

Temple Nightside - Prophecies of Malevolence [Nuclear Winter] Another projekt of Mitchell Keepin (Ill Omen / Nazxul / Pestilential Shadows). 16 euro / 650 руб.

Vermeth - Suicide Or Be Killed! [Drakkar] From the ruins of LLN arise this obscurantism, ex-Amaka Hahina, ex-Torgeist. Classic French BM sound. See more info here: LP 15 euro / 600 руб.




Morbosidad - Demonic Plague And Deadly Commands & Legions Of The Unholy [Pagan Flames] Live shows 2004/2005, DVD 8 euro / 300 руб.




4 euro / 150 руб.


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Darvulia logo

Flagellum Dei logo

Hate Forest - Scythia

Hell Militia logo

Inquisition Into The Infernal Regions Of The Ancient Cult (album color big patch)

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Temple Nightside

Watain Black Metal фронт





Christicide Russian Assault (size M) 16 евро / 650 руб.

Deathmoor 13,5 евро / 550 руб.




Bloodred Visions #1 - Interviews with 731, Storming Darkness, Voltanic Omen, Flagelador, Empty, Baal Zebuth, Gromm, Crystalline Darkness, Pro Inferis, Лютомысл, Black Autumn. A4, laser printed, in russian 3 euro / 120 руб. last copies!


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