An interview for Words ov Nonexistence zine (2009/2012)


First of all please introduce yourself and your activities within Nomos Dei, tell me, what made you start such an “ungrateful business” as underground label... In short, your introduction to conversation and general information about your label.

It all began from Cyber Baphomet. Five years ago I received the first album of this project from Sadist and it imbued my mind with insane atmosphere of synthetic Apocalypse. As I inquired that the new album is expected, I had suggested to release it in proper way. As it deserves. My income has become stable not so long ago, so the realization had become possible only some years ago. Then there were Krumkach, Khnuth, Vulturine and many more outstanding projects. My basic motivation is releasing worthy bands in worthy quality.
In short - my label is dedicated to Satanic/Devilworship art in any form.

Black Metal bands describe their activities differently - as an epistle, as cult activity, as propaganda, as reflection of their own emotions/thoughts/positions, as revelation, etc. Could you give a definition of your label's activity from this point of view?

I don't think that I can reflect my emotion by releasing CDs. I write some lyrics for friendly bands but this is another story.
My activity within the bounds of Nomos Dei brings cultural and informational character. Propaganda as bringing the Idea to masses is of no interest to me. I'm not ill with prometheism.
We consider the declared positions as the only correct to be. And the albums released by Nomos Dei are the revelations, of course.

i know that you've hold a webzine in the past... Would it be continued or all of your attention has switched over to the label?

Yeah, there was such a sin. As to speak truly, I don't have a fuck in my soul whether there would be any continuation of the Ulterior webzine. First of all the journalistic activity is of no interest to me right now. Moreover after the several years left some of the materials in Ulterior seem to be not so convenient. Some of the articles are so far so good actual and would be published on the label's website. It's quite possible that I'll take up periodicals in future, but only if there would be the need for.

Usually the labels start from much more “modest” achievements as i can see it... But you've started with a wide scope: edition, stamping, printing... Nowadays there are countless multitudes of small (small-bore) labels everywhere which monthly stamp cdr-releases (frequently of very doubtful quality), what do you think about them?

I don't see any need in shitty cdr of shitty several copies with shitty xerox copy design, but with fffucking great press release and the heaps of (kind of) sensible words. The labels you are talking about in the majority of cases are releasing the complete rubbish and the useless of that crap they claim as an undergroundness, nonconformism etc. There are marvelous cdr labels, of course. And such serious labels as Freak Animal, Old Europa Cafe and many others still have their cdr-releases.

i suppose releasing one or another band on your label reproduces your own tastes in music and your ideological/world-view positions. Is that right? Could there be any exceptions, i mean laying emphasis only on music or only on the ideology? In general tell me about so called “label policy”.

Label policy is simple to the limit. Musical project wishing to be released through Nomos Dei must bring definite ideological/religious character and of course it must be the work of art. There are some exceptions. For example, Dancer from Khnuth (ex-Wolf's Source) is not Satanist, therefore I can't identify his project as a Black Metal act, but his music is breathing with rawness and filled with insanity. Besides, I was simply glad to support the right man by releasing Khnuth...
Laying emphases only on the ideology? Yes, it can be, if you make a zine or so. Internet-villains and bedroom misanthropes playing sonic slag are of no interest to me. Serious man always would be serious to his creativity. Shit would be shit forever.

In addition to Black Metal some experimental stuff is released as i can see... How the things are going with this kind of “music” in russia? Can you make a sort of review for me? Mark the couple of interesting projects and tell us about those you've released.

I hail all forms of extreme arts. There's nothing special to review. In my modest opinion, the situation is worse than it is with Black Metal. Because you know, to record defecation from "black metal" one at least must somehow play the guitar and to record defecation from "industrial/noise" music the only thing one needs is a PC. Of course there are performers serious enough, but I don't want to make someone's commercials, many of them are friends of mine. There are and there would be releases from Karna, Velehentor, Cyber Baphomet, Phurpa.

Please tell me about Mantra Spenta. Why did you pick it out into separate sub-label?

Material for Mantra Spenta differs from releases published on main label. Mantra Spenta has been founded for publishing authentic ritual music without strict ideological or religious limits. Unfortunately I know not so many artists in this genre so for the present day Mantra Spenta has only one release.

Let's talk about Black Metal, in fact. A lot of Black Metal bands rejects any technical progress in sound/music and remains in "classic" tradition, otherwise there are bands that are going further and further (sometimes very far) from "roots", you know. Both sides (the first mentioned especially) are sputtering streams of saliva and lasting endless debates very often... Your vision of this situation.

For each his own. I joyfully listen either to modern "Fractal Possessions" from Abigor veterans or to total oldschool from such young bands as Pseudogod.

Let's continue the theme of "classifications". The name of your label clearly points on your positions or more exactly on religious character of these positions. Nowadays (however, long enough by this time) this positions are emphasized and marked out in separate tendency - devilworship/religious/orthodox Black Metal. Do you suppose it to be reasonable? What do you think about all of this differentiations, branchings, etc? What Black Metal should be like?

Yes, I'm a religious person. Separation of orthodox Black Metal is quite reasonable nowadays. Any other "branches" stir up only squeamish scorn in me. Black Metal is the music to glorify Devil. All discordant can boldly suck my dick.

One of "accusations" to so called religious branch is "perverted christianity". And i think that a lot of satanists could agree with this opinion, apprehending Devil only in perspective of christian theology. What do you think about it?

In ancient Carthage Baal worship included children sacrifices and temple prostitution, at the same time people of ancient Carthage didn't know a thing about any jesus. It's one of list of examples.
Devil has many names. Cult of Devil is as ancient as the time itself is.

In "Psalms Of Molestation ¹2" in interview with Bahimiron/Whereismyskin'zine Blaash said something like: "...the gun, the knife, the flamethrower, biological warfare - that is what kills life - that is the devil for me..." What is your attitude towards nihilistic "interpretation"?

I have no attitude towards nihilistic "interpretation". I believe that Devil is personified yet all that "guns, knives, flamethrowers" and all other welfare of civilization are rather causes of His gist. Maybe it's a goddamn retro nowadays, but there is nothing to be done, I'm old-fashioned.

A question about collaboration/comrades - do it exist in your label activities? Many say that it is not very “misanthropic”, he-he.

About collaboration/comrades, I would ask to pay your attention on the fact that even the most fiercesheephater naumchuk from the most poisonacrimonious band lucifugum, forgive me Lord for taking its name in vain, collaborates at least with his spouse... If visions and aims are the same, than yes, that are comrades. I'll say more, in many aspects I'm obliged to the help of my comrades and for this I'm infinitely grateful and gratitude to them. I'm ready to work almost with everyone if there would be use.

One of the questions on my mind is about conceptions of "religiousness" and "religion". Do you see any differences between these concepts? What about the proposition, if my memory doesn't fails me, from your webzine: "Satanism is a religion"?

I don't have right to deprive dear reader a pleasure to burrow in explanatory dictionaries, so with your permission, I'll leave linguistic and semantic analysis of the terms "religiousness" and "religion" without comments. And what concerning the phrase: "Satanism is a religion", I can say that under the term "religion" one should understand particular form of (social) consciousness. With all that it implies.

Give me a detailed account of your words about “social consciousness”.

Giving a detailed account of social consciousness, I could hardly overcome the temptation to tell Dear Reader and Esteemed Editor to go to... (dictionary). So well. After all, it's not polite to leave the answer, if you so insist upon it. Thus, Satanism as a religion is a peculiar type of social consciousness which is based on spiritual and practical activity that is dissoluble unity of visionary guideline, mentality, psychological experience and deeds. Religion includes certain teaching, religious-morality norms, Cult. Having a presentiment of your willingness to clutch in the next question at "social consciousness" more, I'll elucidate that presence of all above-listed elements may collocate with (organized) unity of the adherents of the religion, implementing joint performance of religious rites, as well as interpretation and descent of the doctrine to the younger generation of the followers, elaboration and adoption of the religious norms, recommendations and supervision on the execution, protection of the Cult from profanation etc.

Another quotation from your webzine: "Your god is hostile to you". Could you expand this thesis?

Some so called "satanists" consider Devil to be almost a benefactor of the mankind fighting for freedom against evil and bad god who forbids his sheep to behave themselves the way they like. You need to be an absolute idiot not to understand the simple truth. Devil is an incarnation of Absolute Darkness and Death and He is hostile to all forms of creature matter. Thus, it's good to know that death is the only thing that waits for you in the end of worship. Total all-absorbing Death without next pestered incarnations. Amen.

Black Metal in russia at current moment is developing on my modest opinion. Would you agree with that? Who is on the “top of the list” on your opinion?

I would agree with that. There is a rise nowadays. I can mark Psalm666, Baal Zebuth, Blackdeath, Ithdabquth Qliphoth, Storming Darkness, Teitanfyre, Pseudogod, etc.

Thanks for your time and answers. Say something in the end if you wish.

Non nobis, Domine, non nobis sed nomin tuo da gloriam.

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